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Master Brush Set (38 Piece Set)

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The ilo Cosmetics Master Brush Set is the ultimate selection from ilo Cosmetics PRO COLLECTIOn. Sleek black handles, synthetic & natural bristles, and all the face, eye, detail brushes (and more) a pro needs to survive in the makeup world. The Master Brush Set Includes:

  1. ilo600 Flat Foundation
  2. ilo601 Small Blush
  3. ilo602 Small Buffer
  4. Ilo61 Angled Liner
  5. Ilo62 Large Fluffy Blending
  6. Ilo63 Small Blending
  7. Ilo64 Large Shader
  8. Ilo65 Pro Flat Concealer
  9. Ilo66 Small Fluffy Blending
  10. Ilo67 MIni Shader
  11. Ilo68 Precision Flat Eyeliner Brush
  12. Ilo69 Tapered Shader
  13. Ilo70 Small Tapered Blending
  14. Ilo71 Fluffy Blending
  15. Ilo72 Large Shader
  16. Ilo73 Bent Liner
  17. Ilo74 Pro Large Blending
  18. Ilo75 Detail Blending
  19. Ilo76 Pro Dome Blending
  20. Ilo77 Pro Highlight
  21. Ilo78 Mini Buffer
  22. Ilo79 Tapered Large Blending
  23. Ilo80 Flat Shadow
  24. Ilo81 Precision Eyeliner
  25. Ilo82 Angled Brow
  26. Ilo83 Pencil
  27. ilo13 tapered blending brush
  28. ilo14 detail brush
  29. ilo15 flat concealer
  30. ilo16 fine liner
  31. ilo17 smudger
  32. ilo18 concealer
  33. ilo220 buffer brush
  34. ilo223 powder brush
  35. ilo226 flat contour
  36. ilo 228 tapered contour
  37. ilo230 pointed powder
  38. ilo232 round powder
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