Tool Talk! The Original Beauty Blender

Tool Talk The Original Beauty Blender
Friday, March 23, 2018

Makeup sponges are no strangers to makeup artists kits, but in recent year the original Beauty Blender has turned into a staple in most kits. At this point it’s a common household name for any makeup lover, and it’s uses are endless.

Rea Ann Silva

Rea Ann Silva is a makeup artist who decided she needed to change the application for HD television! The idea for beauty blender was born for the need to apply a base without leaving any harsh lines.

So, you might find yourself wondering, what is different about the beauty blender from any other sponge?

What makes the beauty blender a unique sponge is the fact that you use it while wet. Although it can be used dry, the real magic lies in wetting it because then it won’t suck up the product you’re using it on. The rounded edges are what makes it perfect for applying makeup without leaving any harsh lines, but the tapered end is great for applying makeup in those hard to reach places.

Also, it isn’t designed for just bases, use it for your smokey eye look or defined contour as well. It can be used with all sorts of consistencies, whether they’re cream, liquid, or powder. The original beauty blender is an all in one tool!

Dabbing Face With Beauty Blender

If you decide to add this little guy to your fabulous tool kit, you want to keep him around for as long as possible!

There are a couple of tips and tricks to get the most uses out of your little holy grail of sponges. The first tip would be to wash it before every use, which is easy to do since you should be wetting it to use! It’s important to be gentle while using it too, dabbing motions are ideal.

You want to avoid using very strong products like acetone or alcohol on your beauty blender, although it is difficult to break down. Also, don’t throw the packaging away! Rea designed the packaging to be a storage place for your multi-use sponge, in hopes of keeping it clean and intact.

Beauty Blender Packaging

The craze for the original beauty blender is well understood when you learn about everything that it’s capable of. It would be a mistake to underestimate the power of this little sponge and all of the different variations of it, such as the or the pro

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