Tool Talk: Essential Eye Brushes

Tool Talk Essential Eye Brushes
Monday, April 30, 2018

We can easily fall into the habit of collecting brushes and before we know it, our collection has hit the double digits (triple if you’re really bad). So what brushes are a must have? Learn what essential eye brushes you must have to complete every day looks!

Blending Brushes

Blending brushes are your best friend in the eyeshadow world! It is so important to have a soft blending brush in order have your eyeshadow flawlessly blended. Avoid any hard, unwanted creases by using this fluffy little tool. A great pick for this would be the ilo Cosmetics 124 brush or the Sigma E25.

flat brush

The flat brush is important for layering on a base color to your lid. You want a solid and even application to make your look as vibrant as possible. Although you can apply a base color with your fingers, a good flat brush brings better results. Our recommendations for this essential eye brush would be the Make Up For Ever 226 Medium Shader Brush, or the ilo Cosmetics 122 Shadow brush.

Eyebrow brushes are angled and designed for filling in your brows, but it can save you when an eyeliner brush is no where to be found. The angled design allows you to line your eyes flawlessly with a shadow. Not to mention, it makes it easy to get onto the upper waterline for a fuller look on the lashes. You cannot go wrong with the ilo Cosmetics 123 brush, which conveniently has a spoolie on the the opposite end. Another option is the Bdellium Studio angled brow brush!

angled brow brush

Of course we love our massive brush collections, eye brushes probably take up the majority of them too. Although we love all brushes equally, these are three essential eye brushes you cannot leave behind in any situation.

What’s your favorite brush? Let us know!

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