Dec 2

The Art of the Cut Crease: Look & Learn

You’ve seen it on the runway, in magazines, and on Instagram… But do you know how to execute a flawlessly precise cut crease that will widen and brighten the eyes and add the perfect touch of drama to that evening and even day time look?!  No?! That’s ok, Ashley Wallace (aka @itshotchiick) will show you how in our specialty course –  The Art of The Cut Crease taking place exclusively at The Makeup Club on Sun Dec 2nd at 12PM!

This class is all about the eyes and how to create a day time and night-time cut crease. After she goes in depth about the eyes Ashely Wallace will share a some tips and tricks on how to finish the look flawlessly with foundation application, contouring, highlight and lips.

What you’ll learn:

  • Essential Eye Brushes for the Cut-Crease
  • Essential Makeup Must-Haves  – eyeshadow shades, concealers, glitter etc.
  • Geometry of the Eye  – how to identify and tackle hooded eyes vs. prominent eyes etc?
  • How to contour / deepen the eyeH
  • How to “cut” the eyes
  • How to apply glitter
  • How to create the ultimate winged-liner
  • Eyelash Application
  • Tips on Foundation Application, Highlighting, Contouring, Setting for the face.

Course includes goodie bag!

PLEASE NOTE:  This class is a LOOK & LEARN where Ashley Wallace will provide detailed instructions and walk-through the cut crease process via a live makeup demo on the model. Please bring with you a notebook and paper to take notes. You DO NOT need your makeup kit for this class.



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