Brand Spotlight: Ben Nye Makeup

Brand Spotlight Ben Nye Makeup
Friday, May 18, 2018

Ben Nye makeup is a leader in special effects and theatrics, a definite favorite among pros. Who could resist with a staple 18-shade foundation palette? But it brings something to the table for everyone, like their infamous banana powder.

Ben Nye Makeup Artist

But we’re left thinking, who is Mr. Nye himself?

Ben Nye was a leading makeup artist for more than forty years in Hollywood.

When watching all your favorite classics, you’ll be surprised to see what films Ben Nye did the backstage glam for.

Ben Nye was the makeup artist for Hollywood classics such as Valley of the Dolls (1967), Gone with the Wind (1939), and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953).

Yes, you guessed it- Ben Nye worked with the one and only Marilyn Monroe!

But those glam looks aren’t all that Ben Nye makeup is about.

He also worked on the special effects makeup for a 1958 film called The Fly, working on the fly itself!

His art was hardly shown in the film, apparently the turkey feathers glued to the actor’s face were a bit too spooky.

The Ben Nye Makeup Company was established in 1967, after Mr. Nye’s retirement from the Hollywood scene.

We can thank Ben Nye makeup for helping us create our fantastic special effects, but don’t forget Mr. Nye’s wonderful contribution to Hollywood when watching your favorite oldies!

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