Applying Fake Lashes: Too Many Options!

Applying Fake Lashes Too Many Options
Friday, May 18, 2018

Applying fake lashes, especially as a beginner, can be a process that’ll send your head into a whirl. What glue? Which lashes? And to conclude the confusion, over your natural lashes or under?

Ilo Cosmetics Lash Adhesive

First off let us explore our options with the basics, what lash glue do we get? It’s important to know your allergies and sensitivity of your skin and eyes. Allergic to latex? Make sure your glue is latex free. What packaging is more convenient for you? The brush on glue or from a regular tube?

Glue also comes in different colors, so what look are you looking for? (Badumtissss) For more natural looks a clear drying adhesive is probably a safer option, while a black glue will blend in easily with dramatic wings or dark smokes.

Next up, what type of lashes do I get? That answer is easy. Applying fake lashes should be a smooth and comfortable process.

Ilo Cosmetics Strip Lashes

You have the option of strip lashes that come in various styles. These guys are typically placed on top of your lashes and are usually for daily use. With a decent upkeep, one pair could last through a couple of uses! Cleaning them is simple, just some makeup remover, Q-tip, and a mascara wand will keep them fresh.

Now if you want to try your hand at individual lashes for a much natural look, it’s a bit more time consuming. There’s a debate across the internet whether these should be applied over or under your lashes.

Ardell Individual Lashes

Cosmo reported that a model MUA uses the underneath method, and that it is a far more comfortable wear. Others will debate that it is uncomfortable and dangerous. Where does the danger lie? The lashes could scratch your eye and end up leading to an infection.

So for the lightest, natural, and safest look, individuals applied to the top of the lash line are the way to go!

Applying fake lashes can be incredibly intimidating for someone who’s never experimented with such before. Just remember your options and that it’ll take practice and patience. Picking out the right glue and styles is essential to becoming a pro!

How do you apply your fake lashes? Let us know!

Until next time!